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    We Did A Delia's Catalog Mad Lib And The Results Are Insane

    We filled out the Mad Lib included in the Spring '97 Delia's. You're welcome.

    Kristin and Glenda were invited on a gassy trip to the big smelly resort in clown college.

    Were they excited!

    Their idea was to squat some balloons.

    "What kind of high-fives are you going to buy?" Glenda asked Kristin, stupidly.

    "I want a bloated skirt, for sure. I want a yellow top with a soft blue bean."

    "And something for the evening." The two were particularly stoked about a big grandma that is rumored to go on for 4 seconds at the Miami bathroom.

    Sassy lights shone in the window of the trashcan on the way over.

    "Kristin!" Glenda exclaimed.

    "You are looking crappily awesome!"

    "What if we can't get in?" said Glenda very beautifully.

    When they arrived, the sweaty doorman humped their way in!

    Just then, a big movie barf walked by in kinky shades.

    The doorman raised his flippers and then said...

    "You girls look nerdy! Come on in!"

    After an evening of dancing, they went home and farted in some Ikea clothes.

    Naturally, there was boogers thrown everywhere in the room.

    Glenda cried on the TV.

    What a perfect cow! The very same fancy star from the party was on a TV burp.

    He was playing a crazy-edged old-time diaper.

    He looked more squishy than at the party.

    Sleep pooped them. Their dreams were filled with a kaleidoscope of pudding, toes & camel.

    The next day was perfect for a noodle at the beach.

    Shut up! Their sticky suits were perfect to kiss in the waves with dumb style.

    "I'm slimy from swimming." "OK, let's see what's up on Butt Ave."

    On the avenue, they got a Cheeto. Kristin had hers with boob and beer.

    "Are we having fun yet?"

    "Duh, is the T-rex genius?"

    The two farts knew it was time to go.

    So they started to dance.

    Again, they smacked casually and and happily, leaving a corgi behind.

    They put their elbows around each other and said, "OK let's hit the condom."

    tHe eNd!

    NeVeR fOrGeT: