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16 Things You Never Realized You Could Do With White Nail Polish

Alabaster beauties.

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1. You don't even need a base to make minimalist, high-fash designs. This grid art is so subtle and so edgy.

For some tips on doing the perfect grid, see here.

2. Crosshatch designs stand out particularly well with white paint.

For this design, create an inverted triangle, then draw fine lines with a nail art pen or brush.

3. And simple striping is a great motif for any outfit or season.

You can use thin pieces of striping tape to achieve the perfect line.

4. A white base can be a really cool background for a number of nail art designs.

Think about things that you'd ordinarily need to paint in with white — like a traditional eye design.


5. See how easy it is to do a dice design?

So cute.

6. If you're into jewel or crystal accents, you can use any color without having to worry about matching your polish.

White goes with everything!

7. Take inspiration from the French manicure, then add a bit of edge.

It's a cool twist on an old design.

8. Perhaps you never realized how much an accent nail stands out against white?

Literally any color becomes the star of the show.


9. And you can mix it with any color to create candy-like, marbled designs.

Check out this tutorial on marbling!

10. A more polished way to do white nail art is to work with a nude polish base.

How cool is this design? It's like the center of a peace sign.

11. Linear cutouts look exceptionally cool in white.

This is also best achieved with striping tape.

12. And a mix of cutout shapes rocks even harder in white.

Find out how to do a cutout heart here.


13. Textured designs look even more detailed in a pearly hue.

You might need a professional's help, but it's well worth it!

14. A simple white manicure tends to make jewelry pop.

Layer on those gold rings!

15. And any use of black on a white background becomes especially dramatic.

Use a super thin tool to get those fine lines.

16. And while white looks great in all seasons, it's especially complimentary with summery flash tattoos.

Nailed it.