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    The 27 Ways To Type "Thanks," Defined

    Here's what "thanxxxxxxx" really means.

    1. Thanks = I may or may not be grateful to you but there's no need to go into it.

    2. Thanks. = You're dead to me.

    3. Thank you = I respect you.

    4. Thanx = I don't really need to express gratitude right now, but I will since I am a nice person.

    5. thanxxxx = I love you and appreciate everything you do.

    6. thx = We cool.

    7. kthanks = Sorry to bother you, disappearing now.

    8. kthxbye = This is awkward.

    9. Thanks! = I'm really trying to tell you I care in this day and age of heartless digital communication.

    10. ty = I'm busy, but, you know, thanks.

    11. tyvm = For when typing "thank you very much" will somehow make you seem soulless. Which it often does. Weirdly.

    12. thanksssss = You're the best and you're a huge help.

    13. thank youuuuuuuu = Sorry I am so annoying I hope you still like me.

    14. thank ya = Kind of like giving a shout out and saying thanks.

    15. thank ye = I speak the language of olden times.

    16. thankie = I'm just naturally adorable.

    17. gracias = I'm a cool guy and I thank you.

    18. merci = I'm smart and cultured and I want you to know that. Also, thank you.

    19. fanks = I'm trying super hard to make my awkwardness charming.

    20. Thank yours = Nerdy inside joke for fans of You've Got Mail.

    21. Cheers = I am British/an anglophile and more suave than you.

    22. cool = A shitty offering of minimal thanks.

    23. Thanks, lady = I love you like a sister.

    24. tytyty = I'm busy, but I am no less enthusiastic about your help!

    25. tanks = I just asked for something annoying, but I'm trying to be coy.

    26. Thanks? = Why are you telling me this.

    27. THANK YOU = OMG you just literally saved my life.