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The 23 Ways To Type "Love," Defined

Love story.

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1. I love you = I'm saying "I love you" in the most natural way possible over text.

2. I love you. = The importance of this declaration is above average. This is a no-smile "I love you"; a gazing-into-the-depths-of-one's-soul "I love you."

3. I love you! = NOW I am smiling and sooOOoooOoo happy! Puppies, unicorns, rainbows, yay!

4. I love u = Bashful and blushing.

5. I luv you = I have lots of admiration for you, but saying "love," is like, whoa, weird.

6. Luv ya = A warm send-off for close friends.

7. I heart you = An expression used in which two mutual parties understand that "heart" does not actually mean "love." More like, "You are nice."

8. *Heart emojis* = Feeling really pumped on our love right this second.

9. I lurve you = What you say when buttering someone up/asking for a favor.

10. xo = "Bye."

11. xoxo = "Bye!"

12. xoxooxoxoxoxoxo = "Bye" to someone you sex with.

13. <3 = When something online is cute.

14. ily = How youths express affection.

15. ilysm = How youths express affection, but when they really mean it.

16. LOVE = An exclamation of hardcore agreement and excitement.

17. Much love = Thanks, r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

18. One love = Peace.

19. 831 = Stands for "8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning." In other words, insider youth lingo that has no real sentiment behind it.

20. Luh you = Just bein' cool, yo.

21. LYLAS = Stands for "love you like a sister." Translation: I love you almost as much, if not equally as my genetic relations.

22. LOOOOOOVEEEEE YOOOUUUUU = I might be in trouble. Am I in trouble?

23. I LOVE YOU = Literally shouting at your face because my love is that strong.

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