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21 Undeniably '80s Fashions

People are apparently still buying this stuff.

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1. Watch out, Jane Fonda. This lady's got a thong unitard.

2. Working Girl + Midas Touch

3. Sure, why not throw a shapeless, shiny raincoat into the mix?

4. See you at step aerobics.

5. Why wear sunglasses and a visor when you could have them both in one?

6. The stuff of acid wash nightmares.

7. My mom still has a belt like this.

8. Say it with me: Funky! Iridescent! Windbreaker!

9. Super cool shorts, bro.

10. It doesn't get more '80s than Reebok kicks.

11. Shield your eyes. The ruffles, they shine so bright.

12. The great thing about this getup is that you can work out and then throw on some black lace — it's gym-to-night!

13. Actually, elastic waisted shirts are great for fat days.

14. Urban 80sers.

15. I think this is what rich girls wore.

16. I just don't even understand. It's kind of like a bikini... but made of T-shirt material... What?... I just... confused.

17. My dad is still wearing this suit. It is his "good" suit.

18. He wears it with this tie. <3

19. The windbreaker pantsuit. The day this comes back into style, please remind me to crawl into a hole and die.

20. Summer is never summer in the '80s without a high waisted tropical bikini. (Preferably with thong action in the back.)

21. ZOMG wut. AHHHHH!!!!!!

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