18 Undeniable Ways You Know You're Becoming A Grown-Up

    Whether you like it or not, Urban Outfitters makes you feel old. In a good way.

    1. Instead of being jealous of your best friend's new shoes, you're insanely jealous of her new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

    2. You're obsessed with LearnVest. Only 22 more months until you pay off your credit card debt!

    3. You NEVER date younger. Nope. Not ever.

    4. You're obsessed with owning a house and spend your spare time looking at real estate porn.

    5. You understand that it’s just a dick move to show up empty-handed to a party. BFFs, colleagues, new acquaintances — they all get a goddamned bottle of wine.

    6. Oh, and you've also stopped buying two-buck chuck.

    7. You are sooOOOOoooOOOOO not into being called a Millennial anymore.

    8. When you go to Sephora, you spend wayyyy too much of your time and paycheck in the skincare section.

    Whereas you used to be all, ZOMG COLORSSS.

    9. On your list of Topics I Frequently Bitch About: Your insane dry cleaning bills.

    10. This is also the MOST EXCITING CONTEST EVERRRRR!

    11. You've bit the bullet and joined the fancy gym.

    12. Your wedding daydreams aren't so much fun anymore...now that you've realized that wedding=$$$$=debt?!

    13. You've become more aggressive about asking for promotions at work.

    14. You actually make an effort to keep your place clean. Or, if you're really fancy, you even have a cleaning lady. Dayummm.

    15. Your experience shopping at Urban Outfitters has totally changed. You used to come here, like, once a week.

    16. The pride you take in knowing that you haven't asked your parents for money in years: priceless.

    17. You no longer use Facebook to overshare — you use it to make you seem smart and cultured.

    18. You're all about showing off your culinary skills at dinner parties. You're not Julia Child, you're Julia Adult.