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    13 Types Of Cuddles You Need To Get In On Right Now

    Cuddling: Does a body good.

    1. The Heartfelt Headlock

    How to: Facing each other, slip your head under the crook of your partner's arm.

    Why do it: Provides a feeling of security. It's all gonna be fiiiiiine.

    2. The Sleepytime Cuddle

    How to: On your backs, get as close as possible, nestle your chins together, hold hands. Now fall asleep.

    Why do it: Makin' those dreams awesomer since a long time ago.

    3. The Classic Big Spoon/Little Spoon

    How to: On your sides, facing the same direction, curl up into the contours of each others' bodies, as if two spoons placed together.

    Why do it: It's nice if you can sleep this way. Also lets you know if your big spoon feels like doin' it.

    4. The Nuzzle Cuddle

    How to: Simply nuzzle your face area in the nook of your partner's neck. Can be performed side-by-side or with one partner on top.

    Why do it: Provides both partners with awareness of mutual love.

    5. The Consolation Cuddle

    How to: Facing your partner, both on your sides, move in for an embrace, adding affirming back rubbing.

    Why do it: Convinces people that all is right in the world. Especially after their favorite TV show has been canceled.

    6. The Tummy Nuzzle

    How to: With your partner on his/her stomach (or back!) push your head into their stomachular area. You know you're doing it right when you hear their tummy gurgle.

    Why do it: Gets you into a cuddle even when your partner is sleeping.

    7. The Sitting Cuddle

    How to: Sit on your partner's lap, facing either out or in, and go in for an embrace.

    Why do it: An acceptable form of PDA, the Sitting Cuddle allows you to show others how much more in love you are than everyone else. Take THAT, David and Judy. You think you're sooooo perfect.

    8. The Friendship Cuddle

    How to: This is usually a one-sided cuddle, offered by a friend spontaneously in a moment of emotional need. All you need to do is get in there.

    Why do it: Brings you from BFFs to BFFs 4 lyfe!!!! <3

    9. The Stomach Cuddle

    How to: With both of you on your stomachs, one partner wraps an arm around the other's back.

    Why do it: Try this out if you are both stomach-sleepers. Or you just don't feel like looking at your Special Friend.

    10. The Couch Cuddle

    How to: Simply smush your bodies together at one corner of the couch.

    Why do it: Makes TV watching so much better.

    11. The Group Cuddle

    How to: Grab some friends. Cuddle 'em all.

    Why do it: Because your friends are awesome?

    12. The Bottom Snuggle

    How to: With your partner laying on his/her side, burrow yourself (either in a sitting or reclining position) into the nook of their lap.

    Why do it: When positioned correctly, you can still read a book or play Candy Crush while your S.O. sleeps.

    13. The Snug Hug

    How to: In the spooning position, just draw your partner in even closer. And Squeeze. Squeeze them to bits!

    Why do it: 'Cause you love them soooo much!!!!