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20 Times Misty Copeland's Instagram Rocked Your World

The ballerina has finally been promoted to principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre.

1. When she stunned in this black-and-white photo, showing off all her gorgeous definition.

2. When she was unbelievably graceful in this costumed rehearsal.

3. Switching gears, how about this sweet "XO" tribute?

4. Or, even better, this awesome solo to "Partition":

5. Of course, every time she's defied all laws of physics, you were shocked and awed.

6. Which is especially apparent in this epic slow-motion shot.

7. When she posed in this pink leo, you saw all the beauty in her details.

8. Of course, Misty has also shown that she's a sartorial genius — look at how she rocks this Lanvin:

9. Not to mention how she makes sportswear look like art:

10. Now get THIS work:

11. Misty is so cool, she just hangs out on the beach in her pointe shoes and plays the piano.

12. And on her off days, she's still rocking incredible footwear.

13. Like these Versace beauties.

14. This flexibility is superhuman!

15. Oh my god this is so beautiful I can't even.

16. It's always the best when Misty reminds us of the dirty and badass side of ballet:

17. Clearly, Misty is an angel of dance:

18. Macklemore x Misty = Majestic.

19. And TLC??? I love you.

20. But this shot — as she poses outside Lincoln Center — really sums up Misty's power.