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29 Times Forever 21 Failed So Hard It Almost Won

The children are our future and this is where they shop.

1. When it attributed this quote to George Bernard Shaw when it is in fact the words of Edgar Allan Poe.

2. When it wowed the world with its failure to understand basic math.

3. And suddenly became a luxury retailer.

4. When this mannequin dropped trou for all the world to see.

5. And when this mannequin decided to give the world a show.

6. When it made this tee with a Frida Kahlo quote, which — in the English translation — cuts out the first word. It's actually: "FEET, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" She wrote it before GETTING HER FOOT FUCKING AMPUTATED.

7. When it put Tupac's face on a stretchy crop top.

8. And decided it was truly gangsta:

Dear @forever21, What the hell is wrong with you? xoxo, ~Bells

9. When it sold this sad, sad, chocolate bar on Valentine's Day.

10. When these mannequins decided to become intimate.

11. When this sweatshirt was supposed to be cute.

12. When it lost a letter.

13. When a designer was forced to create this...whatever this is. IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ARM HOLES.

They were eager to get this in store they forgot the rest of the material! #fail #Forever21

14. When this T-shirt skipped freshman year of French.

15. When this dress really summarized all of the important things women care about.

16. When this T-shirt really made you think.

17. When this mannequin either decided to have an impromptu yoga session, or simply draw attention to her vagina.

18. When avocados were trending (apparently???) and it was so important, America just HAD TO HAVE A T-SHIRT about it.

19. When it sold sports bras to 6-year-olds.

20. When it wrote "Eat Your Heart Out" on a plus-size T-shirt, which probably didn't please everyone.

21. When this decoration turned the corner too late.

22. When this T-shirt seemed motivational and good for girls...but

23. When a disgruntled employee (or, all right, more likely a disgruntled boyfriend) decided to voice their frustrations in the nail polish section.

24. When these mannequins all clearly had diarrhea.

25. When this top encouraged disordered eating.

26. When its website seemingly placed these two sweaters together on purpose.

27. When Forever 21 saw this design as a mash-up of the U.K. and U.S. flags. It's a cutout of an Australian flag.

Yeah, @Forever21, that isn't UK Union Jack meets US stars... It's just the Australian flag. #fail

28. When it cut off this sentence Oscar Wilde wrote that reads: "Every woman is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself."

29. When it put French lettering on a background of an Italian flag.