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17 Times Food Was The Cutest

Maybe don't get in mah belly.

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1. When this breakfast greeted you with a morning kiss.

2. When this sweet little family of brussels sprout pigs brightened your day.

3. When these carrots needed each other so badly.

4. When these ittle wittle bear-shaped macaroons topped these tiny cakes.

5. When this strawberry had so much love to give.

6. When this cuddly rice bear needed a nice egg blanket to catch a few more z's.

7. When these two gummies refused to be separated.

8. When this sausage dressed up for Halloween as an octopus.

9. When these cherries couldn't imagine life without each other.

10. When this little pup was ready to get in your belly.

11. When this baby clementine piece snuggled with its mama clementine.

12. When this little guy hid in a tomato, just to say hello.

13. When this pizza bear gave you warm fuzzies.

14. When two cukes beat as one.

15. When a prickly porcupine actually looked oh-so-cute and yummy.

16. When these wee ice cream cones were so much better than a double scoop.

17. And when these hot dogs went for a romantic canoe trip.

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