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18 Times Bathroom Graffiti Was So Bad It Was Almost Good

Poops, I did it again.

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1. When people peeing were reminded of this inspiring quote:

2. When Harry Potter got crapped on:

3. When this person wrote what we all ponder when taking a pee:

4. When it took a while to get to the point. But it was a valid one indeed:

5. When someone began asking his Mr. Friend what lottery numbers to pick:

6. When someone felt the need to express this incredibly blasé opinion:

7. When a Game of Thrones fan was just like "NO":

8. When someone just didn't get it:

9. When someone was just like "let's be honest here, folks":

10. When a genius pooped and penned here:

11. When Brick Tamland got cute:

12. When someone told us we were all doing it wrong:

13. When someone called out Taylor Swift's guerrilla marketing tactics:

14. When someone posted this warning, which, fair enough:

15. When someone decided to take down Brooklyn:

16. When someone got practical:

17. When someone asked whether you were spending your bathroom time wisely:

18. And when someone figured this out, which, is actually kind of brilliant:

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