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    This Video About NYC's Feral Cats Is Fascinating

    And cute. And sad. Two paws up.

    The New Yorker has just put out a short documentary called Cats of the Urban Wild about the feral cat population in New York City and the people who help to control it.

    There are as many as 70 million feral cats in the U.S. and there are suspected to be hundreds of thousands of feral kitties roaming the streets of New York.

    You rarely see them because they don't like to be seen; they hunt at dawn and find small, dark spaces.

    Turns out, there are volunteers all over the city who trap and neuter feral cats to help control neighborhood populations. They also help nurse feral kittens to health!

    You should watch this fascinating story — just think, there might be stray kitties roaming 5th Avenue that you never see.