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    This Raccoon Acts Just Like A Sweet Puppy

    Meet your new Insta-animal crush: Marley the Raccoon.

    This is Marley. According to his parents, he was "found in an old tire after a crate of tires had been brought back to be recycled."

    Here he is at about five weeks old, a happy camper after his parents rescued him, and made sure he was well-fed and hydrated.

    His personality soon began to shine as he came out of his shell and started playing.

    He became extremely affectionate — and even adorably needy!

    He also started embracing the world around him, frolicking with his mom.

    He can be almost cat-like at times — look at how he just falls asleep on the table:

    I mean. Who could resist this face?

    Marley is a big fan of food and clearly has extremely good taste. Here he is working on some ice cream:

    And noshing on some fries:

    Don't worry about Marley getting lonely — he has a pal!

    And they love to play in the water together:

    Marley FTW! You can follow his journey on Instagram at Marleytheraccoon.