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This Is Why Shopping In Paris Is So Uncomfortable

This hilarious Frenchman knows that shopping in Paris is the worst. And here's what you should do about it.

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French comedian Olivier Giraud has a hilarious stand-up act called "How to Become Parisian in One Hour." Because we all know Parisians have their quirks and strict social conventions.

If you've visited Paris, then you know that nothing can be more uncomfortable (for a tourist) than doing some simple shopping. Here's why:

First, you want to get a grasp on that "je ne sais quoi" the French have when it comes to fashion. It's really not that hard:

Wear black. Only black. Here's the one exception:

When you go shopping in Paris — to H&M, say — the sales people aren't so friendly. They hate all the customers. This is what they're doing behind your back.

Don't try to take any pictures in a store.

But, if you want to strike back. Just try on a shitton of clothes, and do this:

See Olivier Giraud's entire bit about shopping in Paris here:

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