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Jan 9, 2015

This Is The Hardest "Clueless" Quiz You'll Ever Take

It's, like, a totally important quiz.

  1. 1. Who sings the first song in the movie?

    Paramount / Netflix
  2. 2. In the opening credits, what color is the shopping bag in Cher's right hand?


    It's a blue Tiffany bag!

  3. 3. What is on Murray's necklace?

  4. 4. The columns on Cher's house "date all the way back" to when?

  5. 5. Josh wears a T-shirt for which nonprofit organization under his flannel button-up?


    It's an Amnesty International shirt.

  6. 6. What type of life does Mel say Josh will have if he pursues environmental law?

  7. 7. Josh is reading a book by which existentialist when Cher asks him to go driving with her?


    It's Friedrich Nietzsche.

  8. 8. Pick the correct amounts of food Cher says she ate:

  9. 9. What does Alanna's group do (that they think "is the most important thing in the world")?

  10. 10. Cher tells Mel this meal is from a cookbook to help with his...

  11. 11. Who was the first to find out Elton had put the picture of Tai in his locker?


    It was Murray!

    When Dee calls Cher she says, "So check it. Murray's geometry class is right by Elton's locker, and taped up inside was the picture you took of Tai."

  12. 12. Josh's mom calls Cher's house — what is her name?

  13. 13. Cher says Christian brought over two movies. "Spartacus" and what else?


    He also brings over "Some Like It Hot."

    Because, as Cher says, Christian "had a thing for Tony Curtis."

  14. 14. What does Murray's license plate read?


    His plate says "MY JOINT."

  15. 15. What song plays as Cher wanders Beverly Hills after her encounter with Tai?

  16. 16. How many times is the word "clueless" said in the movie?

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