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21 Things You Never Noticed In "Mean Girls"

Do we wear pink on Wednesdays?

1. The Asian Nerds play Uno at lunchtime.

2. The text on the blackboard in the candy cane scene is a Shakespeare quote referencing three QUEENS.

3. This shot during Cady's opening voiceover also references "bees."

4. While you may think Ms. Norbury is carrying coffee, it's actually a soda. Which explains why she stays relatively calm when Cady bumps into her and it spills.

5. A lot of kids actually seem to be taking notes during Coach Carr's sex ed class.

6. Ms. Norbury apparently drives a Trans Am and has no clue how to park.

7. How strict was the "on Wednesdays we wear pink" rule? Because there are plenty of times someone is wearing pink WHEN OTHERS ARE NOT.

8. In Regina's room, a picture of her and Karen features a speech bubble making Regina say, "Always have a shopping strategy."

9. Although the rest of the number on Kevin's card is fake, 847 is actually an area code for suburban Chicago, where the film takes place.

10. We know Regina likes Avril Lavigne and The Strokes — she has posters of them on her wall.

11. There's a little tip about the woods on Janice's cafeteria map: "Make out zone — warning! There is sexual activity in these woods."

12. The buttons on Ms. Norbury's bartending uniform read "Never Stop Learning," "Make a Joyful Noise," "Help," and "Say What?"

13. Is Cady lactose-intolerant? She drinks Silk soy milk.

14. The sign for the talent show in the girls bathroom says it takes place "Thurs., November 27, 2003," which a) would have been Thanksgiving Day, and b) would have been a little early for "Jingle Bell Rock."

15. This test date reads Oct. 14, but comes well after the winter talent show.

16. Damian's room is decorated with posters of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Madonna, and text that reads "Damian's Room."

17. He also apparently plays the tuba.

18. Notice the material on these outfits? PLASTIC.

19. And it would appear the poms on these Santa hats are something close to ping-pong balls.

20. One of the books in Regina's drawer is The Lively Art of Writing, which, ironically, is praised by homeschoolers and their parents.

21. The poster above Cady's bed reads "compassion."