21 Things You Never Noticed In "Mean Girls"

Do we wear pink on Wednesdays?

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2. The text on the blackboard in the candy cane scene is a Shakespeare quote referencing three QUEENS.

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It's from Scene 1 of The Two Noble Kinsmen, in which three queens plead for vengeance on their husbands' deaths. THREE QUEENS. QUEEN BEES! Remember: Damian says Cady is "the queen bee."

8. In Regina's room, a picture of her and Karen features a speech bubble making Regina say, "Always have a shopping strategy."

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Which is kind of true. Remember how Regina puts a dress on hold at 1-3-5 in January that she intends to wear to the Spring Fling?

14. The sign for the talent show in the girls bathroom says it takes place "Thurs., November 27, 2003," which a) would have been Thanksgiving Day, and b) would have been a little early for "Jingle Bell Rock."

20. One of the books in Regina's drawer is The Lively Art of Writing, which, ironically, is praised by homeschoolers and their parents.