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17 Things You Missed In "Legally Blonde"

Bend and snap forever.

1. This massive advertisement. Remember how much you loved that in 2001?

2. Among Elle's magazines is the Spanish edition of Cosmo.

3. Such attention to detail — even the weights in the sorority's gym are pink.

4. The flowers in the Delta Nu hall are orange and pink — colors you see Elle wearing a lot of.

5. Wow. Here is YET another advertisement for

6. In the opening scene, the lyrics to the song "Perfect Day" go "I pick up all my friends in my Mercedes-Benz." Turns out, Warren drives a Mercedes.

7. The old woman in the salon is reading Seventeen magazine. Ha.

8. Elle's license plate says "22BLONDE."

9. The guy with the high IQ at orientation wears a shirt that says "genius."

10. Paulette appears to be reading either a self-help or a very depressing article when she first meets Elle.

11. The name of the salon is called Neptune's, and it has an under-the-sea decor scheme.

12. Vivian's lie about the costume party is actually well-planned, because apparently it was Halloween time.

13. Despite getting serious, Elle still keeps her Playboy Bunny ears around when she's writing papers.

14. The back of Enrique's shirt features a Virgin Mary design.

15. Turns out, WB56 News reporter Alex Renskoff is the name of the movie's first assistant film editor.

16. When Elle first sees Warner in the hall, we see flyers for seminars on "dealing with the media." In one of the final scenes, Elle does deal with the media.

17. And, also, did you notice how Elle has a different hairstyle in nearly every scene.