19 Things You May Have Forgotten About “7th Heaven”

When you see their happy faces smiling back at you…you’ll remember how into this family drama you were.

1. Simon had a knack for saving money and was known as “The Bank of Simon.”

2. Lucy’s first crush had the best name ever: Jimmy Moon.

3. Remember when Matt dated Heather, who was deaf?

4. Ruthie’s sass.



5. Mary got in deep trouble for stealing this glass from a diner. She was peer pressured!

6. Simon and Ruthie were the cutest duo.

7. Ashlee Simpson played Cecilia, Simon’s girlfriend in seasons 7 and 8.

8. And Aaron Carter was on for two episodes as a love interest to Ruthie.

9. Leighton Meester also made a two episode appearance as a love interest to Matt.

10. Oh and Haylie Duff played a girl named Sandy who got knocked up. Jeez. Everyone was on this show.

11. There was also the time that Lucy dated Lance Bass.

12. This dog. The best dog.

13. Matt: The hottest of the Camden boys. Couldn’t seem to keep a job down, though.

14. Eric and Annie were disgustingly perfect.

15. WILSONNNNNN. <3 Don’t you kind of wish Mary stayed with him? Even though she ended up cheating on him (way later in the series).

16. Lucy became a minister. Which is just kind of weird.

17. The Olsens! On 7th Heaven. Whaaat.

18. Ruthie ends up dating a guy named T-Bone. T-BONE.

19. By the end of the series, everyone is so married and so pregnant.

Mary ends up having 3 kids.
Matt ends up moving to New York and having twin boys.
Lucy ends up with 1 girl, miscarries some twins, then is all “no more babies!” except she announces she’s pregnant again at the end of the series.

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