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13 Things You Didn't Realize Are Covered In Poop

So, when are hazmat suits coming into style?

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2. Holy water.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Austrian researchers discovered the following after analyzing water in holy springs and fonts in Vienna: "...86 percent of water samples from holy sources contain fecal matter, and every milliliter of holy water contained up to 62 million bacteria, none of it safe to drink." Holy shit, right?


4. Your computer keyboard.

David Paul Morris / Getty Images

For those who can sometimes get a bit lazy with their hygiene, your computer keyboard can become a hotbed for bacteria and poop bits — and might even contain more germs than a toilet. Do you also take your laptop into the bathroom? Forget it.


13. Pretty much everything on an airplane.

Pascal Parrot / Getty Images

Dallas-Fort Worth's local CBS affiliate conducted tests on different spots in commercial aircraft and the results were so effing nasty, showing bacteria associated with the human gut nearly everywhere. But one hotspot was the backseat pocket.


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