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24 Things People Who Cry All The Time Know All Too Well

Brb, crying myself a river.

1. Good-byes are the hardest. Even if your loved one is going away for just a few days.

2. But you cry when you welcome them home too.

3. In fact, airports in general can make you misty just because of all the hellos/goodbyes surrounding you.

4. There's the awkward part of explaining your highly emotional tendencies to others.

5. Going to the movies is always risky, even when you're seeing a comedy. Because WHO KNOWS what sorrow and heartbreak those previews could contain.

6. But it's not like you're a stranger to crying in public.

7. You know that if the squint happens (you know, when your eyes well up with tears), it's a precarious balance between crying or pulling it together.

8. But sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and you can't control yourself.

9. You can frequently be seen doing "the dab."

10. However, you've yet to find a waterproof mascara that can actually withstand the river that is your tears.

11. The first time you saw The Notebook, your Orca-like wails couldn't be contained for hours.

12. And people JUST DON'T understand what they're in for when they decide to watch Titanic with you.

13. You see what I'm saying?

14. Sometimes even just TELLING the story of how you cried at a different point in time makes you cry.

15. You've maaaayyyybe had the experience of your neighbors knocking on your door to see if you're OK. Or to ask if there's a dying animal in your apartment.

16. "Allergies" is an "excuse" you know all too well.

17. This movie. Sorry.

18. Graduation season always gets to you, even if you're not graduating.

19. But year-round, the internet is always providing potential tearjerkers. Like those soldier returning home videos.

20. And those animal rescue videos.

21. And don't even get me started on proposal videos.

22. But sometimes you cry just because you're so gosh-darn proud and full of love.

23. But, you know, that's just who you are. You cry a lot, and that's OK.

24. In conclusion, apologies if this post made you cry. But let's hope it was a good kind of cry: