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    16 Things Only Half-Siblings Understand

    For the last time, same father, different mother. Why is that so hard to understand?

    1. You may have a considerably large age gap.

    2. And if you have a large age difference, sometimes people make the uncomfortable mistake of thinking you're a parent to your little half-sibs.

    3. You and your half-sib might look very different.

    4. You may even be different races.

    5. But you love it when people think you two really DO look alike!

    6. And you always feel beyond excited when people ask out of the blue, “Are you two sisters/brothers?”

    7. You feel beyond annoyed when explaining your family structure, and someone says, “Oh, so you’re only half-sisters.”

    8. And then people don’t understand why you WOULDN’T just always label your sib as your HALF-SIBLING.

    9. There is no word for the parent you don’t share.

    10. And if you grew up in a household with the parent of your half-sibling that you don’t share, you may still feel related to that parent.

    11. The first question people ask after finding out you’re half-siblings is, “Same mother or same father?”

    12. Dealing with the fact that your half-sib might have a full-sibling. And like, does that make you something less?

    13. You may have a very large (and perhaps complicated) family.

    14. Although one weird thing is that your half-sib has a whole other family outside of you.

    15. If you're the younger half-sibling, you had a moment growing up when you grasped the concept of half vs. whole siblings. And it was kind of confusing.

    16. At the end of the day, you'll always think of your half-sibling as just your sibling. Because they are nothing less.