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    23 Things Disney Movies Gave Girls Unrealistic Expectations About

    Still waiting for my seashell bra.

    1. That you could bathe in any room.

    2. That you could create a flower crown this easily and it'd look perfectly uniform.

    3. That you could make a bra out of seashells.

    4. That you could make out without smudging your lipstick.

    5. That you wouldn't think twice about a man with a ponytail.

    6. That your hair would actually look good blowing in the wind.

    7. That a trip to the shoe store would always be this elegant.

    8. That you could meet a boy like this and it'd be romantic.

    9. That your hair could exist as one uniform-seeming piece.

    10. And that you could style your bangs so that they all fall in one piece, too.

    11. That this is what you wore when you were poor.

    12. That you could use pools of water as mirrors.

    Seriously. DOESN'T WORK.

    Stoppp itttt pllllleeeeeaaase.

    13. That you could wear earrings that large without getting a headache.

    14. That you could toooootally cut your own hair.

    15. That all dresses would have petticoats under them.

    16. That your hair would grow down to your butt.

    17. That you would always feel this sexy and beautiful when admiring yourself in the mirror.

    18. That you could wear a mini-skirt on a windy day and not worry about it blowing up and showing your panties to the world.

    19. That eyebrows were just naturally this thin.

    20. That you could perfectly remove ALL of your makeup from EXACTLY half your face with your sleeve.

    21. That friendship would always come before romance.

    22. That your free time would look like this.

    23. That a fork (erm, "Dinglehopper") could be used in place of a hairbrush.