12 Things All Millennials Are Sick Of Hearing

    We're poor, entitled narcissists. OK, we get it: We're the worrrrrst.

    1. That we know nothing about being working professionals.

    2. That we can't hold down a job.

    3. That we won't grow up.

    4. That we're incredibly entitled.

    5. That we're difficult to deal with. And moreover, we're so difficult, multitudes of guides have been written to assuage older generations' anxiety.

    6. That we're completely self-obsessed.

    7. That we're not buying houses. Because we are poor. And therefore making everyone else poor.

    8. That we're not buying cars and will probably be responsible for the demise of the auto industry.

    9. That our marriage rates are at record lows. Meaning we have a complete lack of respect for tradition, or something. Oh, and our kids are going to be problematic.

    10. That we know nothing about money.

    11. That Gen Y has more debt than any other generation.

    12. And, more recently, being called a new "lost generation."