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29 Things All L.A. Women Know To Be True

You try driving in platforms.

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3. You're also constantly adjusting your driver's seat depending on your footwear.

6. You always have an extra jacket or sweater in the car because, as you well know, L.A. is all about the layers.

Especially after 8 p.m. when the temperature drops by roughly a zillion.

8. If you meet a new romantic interest and they live in Santa Monica and you live in Los Feliz, you know it's gonna be tough to make it happen.

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Sorry, but I'm not driving 45 minutes through rush hour traffic just to get drinks... BYE!


11. If you pull up to a stoplight and see there are two men in the car next to you, you will probably avoid all eye contact.

12. You've mastered the art of vehicular makeup.

15. You or someone you know has gone to Pop Physique, because have you seen the butt on those billboards?

I could have that butt. Sure, let me give you my entire paycheck.

16. Hiking is the girly brunch of the west coast.

In that you gossip while you sweat and it is DELIGHTFUL. Then you go get smoothies.


18. You’ve texted an S.O. about a date at either the Hollywood Bowl or the Arclight.

Because YES to outdoor concerts and the 21+ screenings.

19. Every time you see Angelyne, you wonder what it's like to be her.

And sometimes you stare so hard that you think you can see into her very soul... but you never really will.

20. You feel a camaraderie with people who share your yogurt bar preference.

You like Yogurt Stop, and so do I, so let's get married?


22. You wish you had enough time and money to go to Soulcycle regularly.

25. You have a special "driving hat." (Go away, sun!)