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    Posted on Jul 8, 2014

    29 Things All L.A. Women Know To Be True

    You try driving in platforms.

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    1. You can identify a headshot on OkCupid or Tinder immediately, and know that person is an actor.

    Chain link fences or white wall backgrounds are usually a pretty solid indicator.

    2. Driving in high heels actually IS something you have to get used to doing.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    3. You're also constantly adjusting your driver's seat depending on your footwear.

    4. If you work in the industry, you're often coming up against gender politics and it's always a struggle to navigate.

    HBO / Via

    Yes, I'm a woman, and yes, sexism is alive and well in Hollywood.

    5. And you often talk with your other lady colleagues about being a woman in Hollywood.

    6. You always have an extra jacket or sweater in the car because, as you well know, L.A. is all about the layers.

    7. There are certain winter/cold weather items in your closet that are actually REALLY CUTE, but you only wear them when you travel.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    8. If you meet a new romantic interest and they live in Santa Monica and you live in Los Feliz, you know it's gonna be tough to make it happen.

    Google Maps

    Sorry, but I'm not driving 45 minutes through rush hour traffic just to get drinks... BYE!

    9. Sunglasses aren't just fashion items; they're necessities.

    10. Because you're often in sandals and open-toed shoes, you put pedicure pressure on yourself.

    Hanna-Barbera Productions

    11. If you pull up to a stoplight and see there are two men in the car next to you, you will probably avoid all eye contact.

    12. You've mastered the art of vehicular makeup.

    13. It's a never-ending search to find the perfect sunscreen for everyday use.

    14. Anytime you get one of those Refinery29 emails about a "cool L.A. girl," you think for a second, "Why not meeee???"

    15. You or someone you know has gone to Pop Physique, because have you seen the butt on those billboards?

    16. Hiking is the girly brunch of the west coast.

    17. If you've ever been invited to a red carpet event or fancy Hollywood party, you automatically stress out about not having something good enough to wear.

    18. You’ve texted an S.O. about a date at either the Hollywood Bowl or the Arclight.

    19. Every time you see Angelyne, you wonder what it's like to be her.

    20. You feel a camaraderie with people who share your yogurt bar preference.

    21. Even if you don’t go to the beach, you buy a bathing suit every season. (And have a mental rolodex of friends with pools.) / Via FOX

    22. You wish you had enough time and money to go to Soulcycle regularly.

    23. When it rains, you really have no idea what type of footwear to put on.

    What the fuck is a rainboot, even?

    24. You have at least one girlfriend who has had some moderate fame.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    And you tell everyone back home about it.

    25. You have a special "driving hat." (Go away, sun!)

    26. You have VERY strong opinions on which Forever 21 location is THE BEST Fevs.

    Hello, Americana, I want to go to there.

    27. You tend to not walk around places at night. Even if your hood is super safe, you still don't want to be the only woman walking solo.

    Plus, no one walks here, not really.

    28. On the other hand, if you dress up for an evening out, you find yourself second guessing your outfit — like is it too dressy for cazh L.A.?

    29. When you start dating someone, at some point you wonder whether or not you could go to Disneyland with this person. / Via Disney

    The happiest place on earth. Next to L.A.

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