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These Interviews With Old-School Nickelodeon Stars Are The Bomb

Holy green slime, here's Ferg Face and Sam from Clarissa, Sponge from Salut Your Shorts, plus the voices of Ren, Stimpy, Doug, and more.

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Kerri Doherty, host of the rad-tastic Geeking Out show, recently attended an event for a new book called Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age, where tons of '90s Nick stars showed up. Here are the awesome interviews you'll see:

- Mathew Klickstein, author of Slimed!

- Jason Zimbler aka Ferg Face of Clarissa Explains It All

- Sean O'Neal aka Sam of Clarissa Explains It All

- Mike Maronna aka Big Pete of The Adventures of Pete & Pete

- Hardy Rawls aka the dad on Pete & Pete

- Ross Hull aka Gary on Are You Afraid of the Dark?

- Trevor Eyster aka Sponge of Salute Your Shorts

- Billy West, the voice of Ren, Stimpy, and Doug

- Constance Shulman aka Patti Mayonnaise on Doug (and also Yoga Jones on Orange Is The New Black)

- Jim Jinkins, creator of Doug

- Bob Camp, writer and director of Ren & Stimpy

Check it all out here:

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