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    The "Hey Dude" Set Is Rotting Away Somewhere In The Arizona Desert

    Our youth, abandoned, left out all alone, ready to be eaten by wild dogs at any moment.

    '90s Kids: Do you remember the Nickelodeon show, Hey Dude?


    Airing from 1989-1991, the show detailed the lives of the teenagers who spent their summer vacations working at a dude ranch. (Although it was magically summer all the time on the ranch.) It starred a young (and hunky) David Lascher and Christine Taylor.

    The show was filmed outside Tucson, AZ. Apparently, some 25 years later, the set is still standing in the desert.

    However, it looks like a decrepit ghost town.

    It's a stark contrast to the Hey Dude land you used to know.


    The interiors of these flimsy buildings are now filled with junk...

    Look at this mess! But, you can still see that signature orange (meant to be adobe-esque?) paint on the walls.

    Inside the main office at the dude ranch now...

    Remember how it looked when the show was on the air?


    The fencing is even still in place.

    But you can see how much the wood has deteriorated.

    This discovery was made by YouTuber Adam the Woo. You can get a full tour (and get a sense of how creepy it really is) in the video below:

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