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    The 15 Most Important Men's Hairstyles Of The '90s

    Last week, we brought you the most important ladies' hair of the '90s. Now let's hear it for the boys.

    15. The Short-Banged Cesar

    14. The Chin-Length Definitely-Not-A-Girls'-Haircut

    13. The Dreamboat Flat Top

    12. Kriss-Kross Cornrows

    11. The Spiky Super-Gelled

    10. The Suave Super-Gelled

    9. The Joey

    8. Tram Lines (Or Other Shaved Designs)

    7. The Bowl Cut

    6. What Happens When You Middle-Part Your Bowl Cut

    5. The Well-Stacked Flat Top

    4. The Heartthrob Mane

    3. Frosted Tips

    2. Grunge Bedhead

    1. The JTT Long-Haired Middle Part