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The 12 Best Things About The '90s, According To '90s Kids

The results of our '90s kid poll are in!

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1. With 28% of the vote, best '90s TV show goes to Friends.


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Boy Meets World: 19%

Full House: 16%

Saved by the Bell: 11%

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 8%

Seinfeld: 7%

Sister, Sister: 4%

Beverly Hills 90210: 3%

Dawson’s Creek: 2%


6. It was a near tie in naming the worst guys' trend of the '90s, with frosted tips taking 44% of the vote, and JNCO jeans taking 43%. /

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“Looney Tunes” gear: 5%

Hemp necklaces: 4%

“No Fear” shirts: 3%

Wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a T-shirt: 2%


8. Best kids' movie of the '90s goes to The Lion King, with 21% of the vote.


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Home Alone: 18%

Toy Story: 13%

The Parent Trap: 12%

Mrs. Doubtfire: 8%

Hook: 6%

Matilda: 6%

Jumanji: 5%

The Little Rascals: 5%

Casper: 2%

Harriet the Spy: 1%

12. And finally ... best teen movie of the '90s goes to Clueless, with 38% of the vote.


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10 Things I Hate About You: 29%

She’s All That: 6%

Cruel Intentions: 6%

I Know What You Did Last Summer: 6%

Never Been Kissed: 5%

Empire Records: 4%

The Craft: 4%

Can’t Hardly Wait: 2%