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    24 Texts You'd Only Get From Your Sister

    Sister, sister. Never know how much you text her.

    Texts from sisters hashtagged #sistertext or #sistertexts ...

    1. The text that tries to talk you into something.

    2. The text that feigns disappointment.

    3. The text that requires immediate attention.

    4. The text that fesses up to stealing something of hers.

    5. The text which starts a ridiculous argument about something you "loaned" her.

    6. The protective text.

    7. The text that will hopefully make her proud.

    8. The text in which you are both useless.

    9. The text which accuses you of abandoning your sisterly duties.

    10. The text that shares in the communal horror of dad in his tighty whities.

    11. And the text that shares in the communal horror of parental sexuality.

    12. The text that celebrates any weird advice you've ever given her.

    13. The "what if" text.

    14. The text of panic when she learns something that's been a family secret for years.

    15. The text that cannot even barely contain your excitement at seeing each other (this is like text one of 4,000).

    16. The text that shows you understand the dire importance of hair care products.

    17. The text she sends in search of commiseration.

    18. The requisite inside joke text. The same joke that's been going for 10 years.

    19. The text that comes when she's too lazy to figure something out herself.

    20. The text where you pretend you're both 10-years-old again.

    21. The text about her future husband.

    22. The "happy" birthday text only someone who grew up in the same room as you is allowed to send.

    23. The text that shows she knows you better than you know yourself.

    24. And the text that comes when you both realize how lucky you are to be sisters.

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