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21 Texts You Only Get From Your Mom

"Hello I just called you and left you a voicemail. Are you alive."

1. The text she sends when she has burning questions Google apparently cannot answer:

2. When she feels you need to know some VERY IMPORTANT FACTS this very instant:

3. When she is proud of her mastery of technology:

4. The multiple texts with several unrelated issues:

5. When she wants to get you on the phone, and thinks she is hiLaRiOuS:

6. The undecipherable text, also known as the text she sends most often:

7. The emoji-heavy texts that come right after she has discovered the joy of emojis:

8. When she fears for your life:

9. The text she sends when she is trying to be down with the kids:

10. When she is just so excited:

11. When she really actually does need your help:

12. The text she sends when she's found your future husband:

13. The text she sends when she is bored and you are probably asleep:

14. When she needs to show you her selfishes:

15. When she laughs out loud:

16. The text she sends when she can't find her phone:

17. The millions of texts she sends when she feels she's one step closer to grandchildren:

18. When she is adorably naive:

19. When she reminds you not so subtly that she was responsible for putting you on this goddamned planet:

20. When she just wants you to think she's cool. And then she ruins the joke:

21. And the text she sends to let you know you have a text: