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    Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Nov 21, 2014

    17 Texts From Moms Cooler Than You

    "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."

    1. This mom is so badass, she's busting up drug deals.

    2. This is the mom busted by the aforementioned mom.

    3. Now here's a mom who won't let a must-see moment go by.

    4. Here is a text from a mom who CAN find a bear picture for every expression.

    5. Not only is this mom out later than you, but she's also better at picking up guys.

    6. This mom is a better '90s kid than you because she still watches The WB.

    7. This mom is open to exploring new identities.

    8. This mom knows all the latest goss before you do.

    9. This mom knows what she wants.

    10. This mom understands the crime against fashion that is Crocs.

    11. Here's a message from a mom who truly understands the struggle.

    12. This mom's creepy-text game is on-point.

    13. This mom thinks you are a l-o-s-e-r.

    14. This mom has better music taste than you.

    15. And this mom wanted to let you know that Aunt Sue got her second Beyoncé ticket... not you.

    16. This mom just wants you to back the fuck off.

    17. This mom is ready to rage.

    Thanks, Mom.

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