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    17 Tasteful And Powerful Tattoos For Virgos

    As a perfectionist, you know your ink has to be careful and perfect.

    1. A bold spot for the Virgo glyph, and strategic, too, for long-haired folks.

    2. Here, a simple dot-motif makes up the Virgo constellation.

    3. Chrysanthemums are a flower associated with the Virgo sign.

    4. Asters are another Virgo-friendly flower.

    5. A glyph that brings home the astro/star theme.

    6. This compass-like tattoo would be perfect for a Virgo; we crave order, organization, and perfection.

    7. Here's a slightly more whimsical take on the Virgo constellation.

    8. A traditional rendering of the Virgo symbol.

    9. For symbolism more abstract, you could try a design incorporating wheat, as the Virgo maiden is often depicted carrying bundles of wheat.

    10. Even better, a wheat design in a perfect circle.

    11. As introspective types who observe details around them, Virgos are often skilled writers. This tattoo perfectly captures Virgo's creativity and introvert tendencies.

    12. This involved Virgo tattoo almost feels like it narrates a fable.

    13. A pretty, but not overly sexy, depiction of a nude Virgo goddess.

    14. Honeycomb is a great motif for Virgos. Not only is it full of order, it also touches on the symbolism of the bee — a determined, hard worker. (Totally Virgo.)

    15. Virgo is an Earth sign, which you get across in this mountain and starry sky design.

    16. This tattoo also seems to depict a mountain with a sun/moon inset, transforming an earth motif into a perfectly neat and bold geometric tattoo.

    17. You could try incorporating the Virgo glyph with fancy lettering. Just a thought.

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