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17 Tasteful And Powerful Tattoos For Virgos

As a perfectionist, you know your ink has to be careful and perfect.

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3. Chrysanthemums are a flower associated with the Virgo sign.

6. This compass-like tattoo would be perfect for a Virgo; we crave order, organization, and perfection.

8. A traditional rendering of the Virgo symbol.

9. For symbolism more abstract, you could try a design incorporating wheat, as the Virgo maiden is often depicted carrying bundles of wheat.

10. Even better, a wheat design in a perfect circle.

12. This involved Virgo tattoo almost feels like it narrates a fable.

13. A pretty, but not overly sexy, depiction of a nude Virgo goddess.

17. You could try incorporating the Virgo glyph with fancy lettering. Just a thought.

Also: Happy almost-birthday, Virgo! Ready to go get your birthday tattoo now?