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15 Signs Your Cat Is Leaving You

Hey, Human, it's been nice, and you're great, but...

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1. Your cat might be leaving you if... they've been going on all these mysterious "business trips."

2. Or they've booked a one-way ticket out of the living room.

3. They're definitely leaving you if they've taken a three-month gig commandeering a cargo ship without asking you.

4. It's a bad sign when they don't respond to your touch the way they used to.

5. Or if you've noticed that they might be at a breaking point.

6. Seen a suitcase out? Leavin'.

7. Spending long hours online and being secretive about it is also a sign they've got something else going on.

8. Have you noticed if they've been dressing up more often than usual?

9. Has your cat been hiding from you because they cannot even deal with your presence?

10. You can tell it's just becoming harder for them to come home each time.

11. Or if they've begun exercising certain freedoms.

12. Be sure to observe their body language. The translation of this is: I'm miserable.

13. If your cat is not speaking to you, they may be close to leaving.

14. The moment your cat quite simply says "enough is enough," well, you guys are done-zo.

15. And of course, your cat is about to leave you if all this is going on.

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