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Short People Vs. Tall People

Whether tall or small, the struggle is real.

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1. Short people on airplanes: Legroom for days.

Tall people on planes: You're packed tighter than a sardine in a can.

Tall people shopping: What is this, a clothing store for ANTS?!?!

5. Taking pictures when you are short: Selfies never work.

Taking pictures when you are tall: In every photo, you're the Headless Horseman.

6. Short people at shows: Suddenly, everyone is a tall person.

And if you're a tall girl in heels: You better not have a fear of heights.


11. Short people and cars: And does this come with a driver's side booster seat?

Tall people in small cars: Insta-giant.

12. Short people and mirrors: I can almost see my lips!

Tall people and mirrors: Well, at least you always know if you've got shmutz on your shirt.


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