The 20 Scariest Things That Can Happen When You Work In An Office

Living life in constant terror! (Sorta.)

1. Accidentally exposing something *personal* on your computer screen during a presentation.

Also beware of typing web addresses. Your browser always remembers where you’ve been.

2. Spilling something on yourself when you have a meeting later.

NBC / Via

At least it will help distract from the Powerpoint presentation you put together last minute.

3. Missing something super obvious that makes you look careless and stupid.

When this happens, you seriously start to question your abilities to do a good job.

4. Making a joke that crosses the line.

BBC / Via

There is no worse feeling than having an entire room give you the “too soon” look.

5. Getting drunk at an office party and spilling something a little too personal.

NBC / Via

Now the entire office knows about that third nipple you had removed in the eighth grade. Good job.

6. Getting a company-wide memo about something unproductive happening in the office…and knowing you’re responsible for it.

NO MORE HARLEM SHAKE VIDEOS, GOT IT? Also: flush the toilets, don’t steal lunches, turn off the lights, and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

7. Receiving an ominous IM from your boss.

Did you forget to send the report? Was their a missed deadline? ARE YOU BEING FIRED? Eh, your boss probably just wants to know if you watched the latest True Detective.

8. Bringing something like tuna or egg salad for lunch and feeling very self-conscious while eating it.

It’s not farts. It’s food.

9. Being the unfortunate victim of an ongoing office prank.

And then having someone put the reaction on YouTube.

10. Taking a “sick” day only to be busted by a coworker.

Discovery Channel / Via

Doctors recommend that watching a movie and going out for drinks to ease flu symptoms, right?

11. Getting caught using the company copy machine/printer/scanner for personal use.

Making photocopies for your garage sale.
::Boss walks in::

12. Accidentally eating something reserved for your boss.

Great. Now you owe your boss a sandwich.

13. Getting caught doing something that’s obviously not allowed.

You knew there was a risk involved in the first place!

14. Using a sick day for fun but really needing it later.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Too bad you used them all up now that you’ve come down with what appears to be the plague.

15. Not knowing a co-worker’s name and being in a situation where you have to acknowledge this.

The longer you’ve worked together, the more offensive this is.

16. Having your boss find out that you’re applying for new jobs.


Tip: Do not print your resume at work. See #11.

17. Being the last one in the office at night.

Dark offices are scary. And if you forget to lock the doors and someone breaks in, it’s all your fault.

18. Thinking you can go MIA for a few hours only to come back to an irate boss who knows you were slacking.

19. Accidentally sending a personal email company-wide.

Colombia Pictures / Via

Now everyone knows you and Pam in accounting are getting coffee after work. Let the side eyes commence!

20. Someone hearing you poop.

New Line Cinemas / Via

Try as you might, the person in the stall next to you will not only hear you drop some thunder but will no doubt recognize your shoes.

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