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The 20 Scariest Things That Can Happen When You Work In An Office

Living life in constant terror! (Sorta.)

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5. Getting drunk at an office party and spilling something a little too personal.

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Now the entire office knows about that third nipple you had removed in the eighth grade. Good job.

6. Getting a company-wide memo about something unproductive happening in the office...and knowing you're responsible for it.

NO MORE HARLEM SHAKE VIDEOS, GOT IT? Also: flush the toilets, don't steal lunches, turn off the lights, and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

7. Receiving an ominous IM from your boss.


Did you forget to send the report? Was their a missed deadline? ARE YOU BEING FIRED? Eh, your boss probably just wants to know if you watched the latest True Detective.

20. Someone hearing you poop.

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Try as you might, the person in the stall next to you will not only hear you drop some thunder but will no doubt recognize your shoes.

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