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25 Irresistibly Cute Sanrio Tattoos

Helloooooo Kitty!

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1. If you're a fan of small tattoos, this dainty Hello Kitty will do the trick.

2. Check out this perfect depiction of My Melody!

3. For the Hello Kitty fan who is also a bookworm.

4. Here's a cartoony Keroppi for all Sanrio frog lovers.

5. The pale pastels on this Little Twin Stars design are perfect.

6. This one-tone Chococat still captures his whimsical soul!

8. Here's a glimpse into the friendly world of Pochacco and his friends.

9. Looking for something more conceptual? Try a single Hello Kitty bow.

10. And here's a more abstract way to Hello Kittify yourself.

11. Gudetama is one of Sanrio's newest friends — he's an unmotivated egg.

12. A combination of two beautiful loves — Hello Kitty and pizza.

13. Check out this trio of cuteness!

14. This minimalist Hello Kitty design is très chic.

15. This Chococat tat is too cute for words.

16. This My Melody design sings with pink.

17. Keroppi is a good swimmer, and also a natural sailor.

18. You could try getting some angelic Little Twin Stars accompanied by pretty little embellishments.

19. Do you know who this is? It's Charmmykitty, Hello Kitty's pet cat.

20. And this lady right here? It's Kuromi, My Melody's bunny rival.

21. Pochacco is the best because he knows pants are for losers.

22. A Gudetama tattoo would be perfect for anyone who hates the world.

23. This Little Twin Stars tattoo is full of dreamy color!

24. Go big or go home — get a sleeve filled with members of the Sanrio family.

25. And for traditional tattoo lovers, there's always this old-school Hello Kitty motif.

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