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Posted on Feb 4, 2014

21 Ridiculously Adorable Vintage Valentine's Day Cards

Go away, e-cards. These relics of the past are a million times sweeter.

1. This German-made Valentine is over 100 years old.

$7 at Etsy.

2. Zebra love from the 1930s.

$8.75 (part of a set of 3) at Etsy.

3. A 1960s greeting for shoegazers and shy boys.

$3 at Etsy.

4. They called it puppy love.

$1 at Etsy.

5. This 1960s card is really nostalgic because who uses a landline anymore?

$4.95 at Etsy.

6. A sweet relic from the 1950s.

$9.80 at Etsy.

7. Express your love with 1950s anthropomorphic ice cream cones.

$4.95 at Etsy.

8. From 1919, this postcard features a cute poem.

$3 at Etsy.

9. A 1930s note for animal lovers.

$3.99 at eBay.

10. Loving the unique design on this card from the 1910s.

$5 at Etsy.

11. This vintage number would be perfect for the artist in your life.

Up for grabs on eBay.

12. This 1930s era cutout is shoe-tastic.

$5.75 at eBay.

13. Any Bambi lovers in the house? This mid-century card is for you.

$19 at Etsy.

14. No one likes laundry, but this 1940s card makes it seem so sweet.

$28 at Etsy.

15. This involved Valentine is thought to be from the '30s or '40s.

$14 at Etsy.

16. Greenlight your love, 1950s-style.

$4 at Etsy.

17. These girly 1960s cards would be great to give to your BFFs.

$16.50 (set of 4) at Etsy.

18. Here's a bundle of cuteness from the mid-century.

$3.99 at eBay.

19. Misspellings were apparently super cute in the 1940s.

$2 at Etsy.

20. This 1960s piece of ephemera is actually a flashcard for the letter V.

$10 at Etsy.

21. This 1950s card is worth holding on to.

$2 at Etsy.

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