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    19 Reasons Why Every Office Should Have A Cat

    It'll be Purrsday every day.

    1. They'll save a seat for you at meetings.

    2. They'll make sure no one messes with your copies.

    3. They'll find your messy desk charming.

    4. They'll also help you out when the office is freezing cold and you forgot your cardigan.

    5. Their determination will get you through any midday slump.

    Look at this guy. Absorb his majestic aura. He's probably giving a lecture on confidence at the Marriott this weekend.

    6. They'll be your break buddies because they're the "fun guy" of the office.

    7. Clearly, cats are way more conscientious workers than dogs.

    Because they are curious. And that whole rumor about "curiosity" and "cats" is categorically false, FYI.

    8. They know where everything is in the supply closet.

    9. You don't need Apple Watch reminders to get up and stretch when you have an office cat.

    They'll remind you to stand up or stretch — just don't mirror their napping behaviors.

    10. They'll tell it like it is. When business is bad, they won't paw around the bush.

    11. An office cat is always that one guy in the office who says "you're doing great."

    "How are you feeling today? Good? OK, let's work on these expense reports."

    12. They'll help you find that missing file, no problem.

    13. They might even stand guard for you when you want to take a long lunch, answering all your IMs and emails.

    14. They'll help you type all day long.

    Plus this keeps your hands warm, too.

    15. When your boss stops by he/she will never be able to reprimand you because you make the most adorable team.

    "That 'lil face of an angel! You get a raise!"

    16. They're the ultimate friendly greeter when guests visit the office.

    17. They're super protective of your most important documents.

    Feline backup. Purrsword protected.

    18. They'll keep your inbox under control.

    As in, under all this fur.

    19. Plus, they take such pride in their work that when the day is over, they're sad to leave.