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Quiz: How Good Is Your '90s Mall Slang?

If you worked at Express in the '90s, you'd have to learn your phats from your fines in an employee handbook called Express You! Street Verbage Guide.

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In an attempt to make their employees downright dope, mall clothing chain Express gave workers this handbook/dictionary that decoded the language of the youths.

The book of terms has some familiar ones — phat, bomb, mad, ill, lame, etc. — but others are a bit more obscure. For the full list, you can read and study up here. But it's recommended you rely on your own memory.

Rock on, homie.

  1. 1. Young. (adj.)

    Clothing that is too tight or small, baby.
    Extremely successful.
    Brand new.
  2. 2. Ni na. (noun.)

    Nice nails.
  3. 3. Baby. (adj.)

    Your girl.
    Too tight or too short clothing.
  4. 4. Cheese. (noun.)

    Your best friend.
    Money, cream.
  5. 5. Cream. (noun.)

    Personal domain, e.g., home, car, bedroom.
    Money, green, cheese.
    A coffee date.
  6. 6. Jigga. (noun.)

    Police, the man, 5-0.
    Boyfriend/girlfriend, casual hook-up, life partner.
    VIP, head of the crew, popular boy.
  7. 7. Off the hook. (fig. spch.)

    Mentally unstable.
    No longer responsible for something.
    1.) good 2.) bad
  8. 8. Parlayin' (verb.)

    Sending out good vibes.
    Sending out the message.
  9. 9. Trick no good. (fig. spch.)

    Describes something or someone you don't like.
    When one fails to hook up with a romantic interest.
  10. 10. Blahze Blahze (fig. spch.)

    Invitation to smoke, to light up.
    Whatever, used to fill in the blanks.
    Fancy, rich, upper class.
  11. 11. Break it down. (verb.)

    1.) let me know, 2.) rap for me.
    Encouragement to kick ass (do well).
    Stop, switch modes, stop fighting.
  12. 12. Crab. (noun.)

    An uptight girl.
    A person who looks as though they might have an STD.
    1.) Somebody you don't like, 2.) Disrespect to a Crip.
  13. 13. City. (noun.)

    Cool, awesome.
    New York City.
    A young rapper, a respectable person, a new pop star/boyband.
  14. 14. Ahite. (adj.)

    Uptight, needy.
    Buff, attractive.
    Okay, acceptable.

Quiz: How Good Is Your '90s Mall Slang?

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