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15 Questions All Type 1 Diabetics Are Tired Of Hearing that the "good" type?

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1. got diabetes from eating too much?


3. Don't you think there's something you could have done to prevent it?


4. OMG are you doing drugs??

In a way, yes.


5. What do you mean, you're "high"?

Yep, and it ain't on life. Or illegal substances.

6. Doesn't injecting yourself hurt?

Sometimes, you betcha.

7. Why don't you just exercise and eat healthy? Won't that get rid of it?

8. Why don't you just get a pump?

They're right for some people. But not the best option for everyone.


9. Is it the "good" diabetes or the "bad" diabetes?

Is any diabetes "good"?

10. If you just eat super low carb, wouldn't you not need insulin at all?

Wouldn't that be nice? Sadly, no.

11. Why are you always counting things?

Because if we didn't, we'd die.

12. Why are you in SUCH a bad mood?

Go though one diabetic low, and we'll tell you.


13. Couldn't you get one of those diabetic alert dogs?

They're more essential for type 1's who are children or unable to feel their lows. Also: $$$.

14. Wait a second, you're eating candy/soda/juice? Won't that kill you?

It could. But it can also save our lives if we're low.

15. How do you even manage to not put your life at risk each day?

Practice. But, actually, it's nice that you acknowledge the struggle.