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27 Wonderful Christmas Gifts To Give Your Cat

Meowy Christmas.

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7. Here's a personalized food dish so they can have a Christmas feast to tell their cat friends about.

Color options include blue, orange, pink, red, yellow, and lime green.

GilbertandStone personalized food dish, $35.48,


11. Have a VERY Merry Christmas with these totally legal catnip joints.

All you have to do is toss them on the ground and watch your cat's minds expand, or just get cat-high. Whatever.

Catnip Joints, $10 for a pack of three,

12. Give your cat the gift of revenge (a concept she clearly gets?) with one of these handmade "retribution" toys.

Featuring the faces of Mel Gibson, Rupert Murdoch, or Vladimir Putin. Your choice.

Catnip toy, $12.50,


14. Honor your cat's inner hunter with this badass cabin hideaway.

If your cat gets sick of the moose head, this cabin also comes with three other interchangeable ornaments: a fish, a bird, and a banner so you can write their name on it.

Loyal Luxe cabin, $38.99,

15. OK, so this isn't exactly a present for your pet, but it sort of is? A personalized tote for your cat's stuff?

Because obviously you need to carry it around, like, everywhere.

Personalized canvas tote, $25,


25. These colorful dancing strings adorned with fun shapes are literally so awesome that I AM EXCITED RIGHT NOW. I GOTCHA...ERNHM...GOT...CHA...ARHGN.