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    18 Products For People Who Hate The Sun

    SPF enthusiasts, don't leave home without these!

    1. Supergoop Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50, $12-$28

    OK, seriously, don't laugh because some people are actually wearing these as ~fashionable~ items. Either way, this UV visor is way better than any driving hat.

    Your lips, just like the rest of your beautiful face, need protection! These sheer lip tints give you a nice pop of color along with SPF 15, so you can wear it out or even while on a hike. Either way, these colors are making sunscreen sexy, amirite?

    4. UV film for car windows, price varies

    5. Sun IQ app, free

    If you're bad at reminding yourself to take sun breaks and re-apply sunscreen, this app allows you to put in your skin type plus the level SPF you're wearing. You'll get an alarm telling you when it's time to retreat into the shade.

    6. UVmeter app, $0.99

    Or, if you just want an easy way to figure out how bad UV levels will be on a given day, try this app, which is easy to read, and also offers quick tips based on the UV index.

    7. Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, $44

    The beauty of being pale is that you can basically rock a sun hat all year. While everyone else only gets to bust these out in the summer, you can get a variety of colors and just look super chic every time you go to brunch.

    9. Kiehl's Skin Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream, $37

    10. Target Cover Up Green Palm Print, $22

    11. Hammacher Schlemmer Vented Sun Umbrella, $39.95

    12. Solumbra Parasol, $47.95

    Just a cuter, less flashy version of the parasol above!

    13. REI Sahara Hiking Sunscreen T-Shirt, $24.50

    14. REI Fleet Sunscreen Shorts, $33.93

    For those times when you want a tan, but the only way you can get it is by faking, here comes Jergen's lotion to the rescue. Unlike a lot of other self-tanners, it offers some SPF protection and smells beachy instead of like chemicals.

    This super-cool Australian brand makes sunnies that come equipped with 100% UV protection.

    17. Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray For Fine To Normal Hair, $15.64

    18. Back Buddie, $12.50-$15