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19 Powerful Tarot Tattoos

So you can take your reading with you forever and always.

1. The Moon card can refer to our animal nature and things unknown.

2. Here's another way to do The Moon card — taken from the Rider-Waite deck.

3. The Three of Swords delivers a powerful and slightly dark message, often representing physical and emotional pain.

4. These tiny markings refer to the Minor Arcana of the Tarot deck: pentacles, swords, wands, and cups.

5. While The Hanged Man seems scary, it's actually more about needing to make decisions.

6. Behold The Fool, a symbol of new beginnings!

7. Here's an interpretation of the Strength card, which incorporates the image of a woman and a lion.

8. When upright, the Temperance card is about moderation and patience.

9. Here's a more colorful take on the imagery in the Temperance card.

10. The Wheel of Fortune is often about change, destiny, and fate.

11. Here's a depiction of The Seven of Swords taken from the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck.

12. Here's another gem from The Wild Unknown: an interpretation of the Two of Cups.

13. The Death card isn't as bad as it looks — could signify big changes in your life!

14. This High Priestess tattoo has yet to be colored in, but it looks pretty awesome in outline.

15. Held upright, the Ace of Cups is a joyful card, representing love and abundance.

16. Here's someone who carries both The Ace of Cups and The Ace of Swords (representing power and victory).

17. An interpretation on imagery included with The Two of Swords, this tattoo could be a reminder for someone who has faced a difficult decision.

18. Looks like two lovers got matching tattoos based on The Wild Unknown's Ace of Wands.

19. The World card, aside from being so pretty, is such a positive marking, symbolizing accomplishment.