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    Feb 2, 2015

    17 Pieces Of Irresistible Tiny Hearts Jewelry

    V-day, hooray!

    1. A knotted heart is a nice metaphor — like, we're tied together. FOREVER. DEAL WITH IT.

    Get it at Asos for $73.91.

    2. This initial-stamped bracelet is sweet without too much embellishment.

    Get it from Etsy seller OnlyYouSupplies for $8.

    3. A little midi ring is a clever way to sneak a bit of heart into your look. Also: STACKING YES YES PLEASE.

    Get it for $14 at Forever 21.

    4. Have you ever seen such a dainty ear cuff? No piercings required!

    Get it from Etsy seller CaliforniaAve for only $2.

    5. There's something about these Kate Spade earrings that makes me want to eat them. Weird?

    Get them at Macy's for $48.

    6. This wee heart ring is so cute I might die.

    Get it from Etsy seller Emilyjdesign for $22.

    7. What a cool idea — an open heart earring with no stud closure.

    8. This pretty rose gold-hued ring is adjustable. A perfect gift idea if you're unsure on ring size!

    Get it from Etsy seller HannahRun for $9.90

    9. These Marc by Marc Jacobs studs are one part sweet, one part YEAH I'M A BADASS.

    Get them for $33.60 at Macy's.

    10. Gah. This initial necklace is so sweet — especially if you get it with your S.O.'s or BFF's initial instead of your own.

    Get it from Etsy seller Keepingitchic for $17.

    11. Bing Bang's heart studs feature a really cool turquoise inlay. Perfect if you want others to lean closer to check it out.

    Get them at Bing Bang for $48.

    12. This minuscule heart is like a necklace ... FOR YOUR FINGERS.

    Get it from Etsy seller Juljewelry for $11.

    13. Marc by Marc Jacobs' heart studs come in two colors — "orange glow" and "knockout pink." Rawr.

    Get them at Shopbop for $22.40.

    14. This necklace may be simple, but that through-the-heart chain detail makes it just a bit different.

    Get it from Etsy seller Lizaslittlethings for $20.87.

    15. These rose gold-on-stainless steel hearts are made for sensitive skin. Which is an even sweeter gesture for someone who has a tricky time with jewelry and skin reactions.

    Get them from Etsy seller Rabbitsfantasyworld for $15.01.

    16. Two hearts combined as one ... what a nice metaphor.

    Get it from Bing Bang for $75.

    17. For the fun-loving type who also likes to mix and match, there's this candy heart earring set.

    Get them from Etsy seller Fancypop for $14.

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