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5 Pieces Of Heartwarming Dad Advice From Stephen Colbert

OUT of character, too!

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Rookie has a fantastic video feature called "Ask a Grown Man," in which great guys (past contributors include Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jimmy Fallon, and Thom Yorke) give completely honest answers to teen girls. The latest contributor — STEPHEN COLBERT.

Here, Stephen responds to questions teen girls sent him. His advice to them is brilliant.

1. Question: "When guys, especially teenage guys, do stuff like cat call and make jokes about rape, do they know their behavior is harmful?"

Further wisdom from Colbert: "Does our society educate boys to be misogynistic? It probably doesn't value girls and women as much as it should. Boys probably see that as a signal that they can get away with things. Like devaluing women."

2. Question: "My dad won't let me sleep at my boyfriend's house ... when I try to discuss it with him, he gets very angry ... I've been with my boyfriend for a year, and my whole family approves of him..."

Further Colbert dadisms: "But [your dad] may think that sex and a relationship aren't the same thing. Maybe he's more traditional."

3. Question: "There's this boy. He's kind of mean to me and he lies to me a lot. But then other times he's a really great guy. He says he likes me and he treats me really well."

4. Question: "I would really like to know all the ways in which you can tell when a person likes you. Girls, boys, grown-ups, everyone."

5. And finally, Stephen's best moment. If your man doesn't treat you right, then...

Watch the video in full here:

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