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The 18 Most Important Beauty Trends Of 2014

Flash tats and Insta-glam.

1. Fake tattoos went high-fashion.

Kendall Jenner rocked fake tats on Tommy Hilfiger's runway. Meanwhile, Flash Tattoos (a company making jewelry-inspired tattoos) became a mainstream beauty product thanks to distribution by Sephora.

2. Celebs became color chameleons.

It seemed like 2014 was the year of color changes. Celebs who played with color changed it frequently. Green was a particularly popular hue this year.

3. "In-between" hair actually looked good. For once.

For celebs who chopped off their locks, they somehow made growing out pixie cuts look actually... good. 2014 was the year weird-length hair became pretty.

4. Service-oriented beauty apps got off the ground.

New apps like Glam Squad and Priv provide at-home (or at-office) beauty services in select cities. Kind of like ordering an Uber for makeup and hair.

5. 2014 was an important year for talking about black hair.

6. Some folks decided manicures needed to go next-level, and texture was brought to nail art.

Pictured: 3D printed nails by The Laser Girls.

7. The reverse manicure (painting color under your nails) was also a nail art trend that took off.

8. Blue came back.

Blue eyes — in all different shades from midnight to indigo — popped up on red carpets.

9. The messy brushed-back look was a popular choice.

10. Instagram started becoming a beauty incubator.

It makes sense that Instagram — home of the selfie — would be a place the beauty industry would thrive. This year a Kickstarter called NailSnaps got fully funded — it's an app that allows you to transform your Instas into nail wraps. There's also a new beauty line called Glossier, which was basically launched on Instagram (Forbes calls it a "beauty brand for the Instagram generation," and here's a cool Wired piece about how the Glossier Instagram account started and developed). Marc Jacobs Beauty also just launched shoppable links in their Instagrams, which is probably a trend to watch for 2015.

11. Darker, '90s-esque lipstick shades came back.

Black honey and rum raisin are back!

12. We started seeing an influx of Korean beauty imports.

13. 2014 was a particularly good year for discussing "real" beauty: revealing our flaws and natural faces.

14. We began seeing hand creams with SPF in them.

15. Half-shaved/partially shaved heads went from edgy to glamorous.

It definitely works.

16. Lip liner made a comeback thanks to Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande, who popularized the "full lip look."

According to Kim Kardashian, Kylie gets her look without plumpers — it's all liner.

17. Urban Decay launched the Naked Vault — a mega collection of their Naked makeup palettes — and people went INSANE over them.

And also it seems the Naked palettes' cult following became even stronger this year. Urban Decay just announced the launch of a new one ("On the Run") for the holidays, and the beauty blogs are alllll over it.

18. And, in a more recent, wacky development, women have started dyeing their armpit hair.