3D Printed Nail Art Will Take Your Manicure To The Next Level

The Laser Girls, 3D printing artists, make crazy cool nail art that will put your 2D mani to shame.

1. Dhemerae Ford and Sarah C. Awad, the artists behind The Laser Girls, said that “the rise of nail art” has really “captivated them” as a way to express themselves.

2. And with their pieces, Ford and Awad hope to make a stamp on 3D fashion.

3. These babies completely redefine matte manicures.

The Laser Girls

4. These fulfill childhood dreams everywhere by turning your nails into Legos.

The Laser Girls / Via

And now you don’t have to Lego of your nerdy childhood dreams.

5. Somewhere, a Disney villainess is salivating over these.

The Laser Girls / Via

6. Dimensional nail art that doubles as a first-knuckle ring? Trendiness at maximum bandwidth.

The Laser Girls / Via

7. If you need tweezers, these works of art can serve double duty.

The Laser Girls / Via

8. Amazing. Want.

The Laser Girls / Via

9. These metallics come in black, bronze, gold, and steel.

The Laser Girls / Via

10. These might be raspberry colored, but you probably shouldn’t eat them.

The Laser Girls / Via


The Laser Girls / Via

12. These Roman numeral nails are brilliant in case you forget how many fingers you have.

The Laser Girls / Via

13. It’s literally a ring! For your nail! COOL!

14. You can track their nail art journey on their blog.

And purchase their nail art here.

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