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    19 Most Epic Christmas Fails

    Jingle Hells.

    1. This Santa grinding on a pole.

    2. This phallic display of Christmas spirit.

    3. This mug, which never passed second grade.

    4. This angel who ... um. No further comment.

    5. This mug paying tribute to Santa's long-lost reindeer ... Donder?

    6. This display, the maker of which was clearly having a hard time.

    7. When this kid had to ride around in his family car decked out with embarrassing Christmas lights.

    8. This misplaced Santa, offering a complete re-telling of the story of Christmas.

    9. Whoever tried to make Christmas "healthy" with these lame-o snacks.

    10. This note to Santa from a grown man. Proving once again that men possess the emotional maturity of 12-year-olds for most of their lives.

    11. This re-organization which has now ruined the term "Merry Christmas" for everyone.

    12. This gift label. Never has there been a sadder label.

    13. This wack Santa.

    14. This even wacker Santa.

    15. This "Christmas wish" left on the wall of a kindergarten classroom. The sadness.

    16. The person who left his cock out for Santa.

    17. When Santa wanted to also be fed balls.

    18. This Santa scene that no one should have witnessed.

    19. And this terrifying psycho Santa.