The 19 Most Epic Bathroom Fails That Will Make You Hold It Forever

    Pee for two.

    1. The awkward part here is actually when you invite the person behind you in line, and you then close the stall door.

    2. Just nope.

    3. The question here is not who pees or poops, but who gets use to the door.

    4. A home for the family that is incredibly close. Or, the most awkward dinner party you've ever been to.

    5. You would indeed shit yourself in here.

    6. This is cruel.

    7. As is this.

    8. What happens when you go impulse toilet shopping.

    9. I hate to think that the larger implication here is that the toilet in the bathroom simply does not get used.

    10. Oh no.

    11. This is the scariest thing I've ever seen. Guaranteed panic attack while peeing.

    12. DIY doodies.

    13. I feel this is a very sad metaphor for life.

    14. They can see you...but you can't see them.

    15. How?

    16. The kids toilet?

    17. Just awkward.

    18. Contrary to this toilet's belief, the couple who poops together does not, in fact, stay together.

    19. Which came first — the toilet or the door?