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    Jan 30, 2015

    21 Moments Of Cuteness Only Cat Owners Can Truly Appreciate

    Your yawn is my everything.

    1. When your little furball sleeps with a paw over her eye and it's so frickin' human it kills you.

    2. When they fall asleep on their backs like little adorable slobs and you wanna just tickle that lil belly. Here comes the tickle! Tickle tickle!!

    3. Or, when they make the teeniest, tiniest moans in their sleep and you're like I DO THAT TOO WE ARE SO IN TUNE, LIL KITTY.

    4. When they rest their sweet-as-shit little chins on their hands cuz they just chillin'. JUST CHILLIN!

    5. When they yawn and you just wanna stick your fingers in their baby mouths.

    6. When they get deep into a chin rub and it's SO GODDAMNED CUTE you just want to squeeze them and give them an even better chin rub.

    7. Or when they cuddle with you cuz they just needa be close to their mommies or daddies. So close.

    8. Then there's their little wittle cat teeth so small and tiny. AHHHHHHH!!!! Sorry, I had to scream I could not help it.

    9. OH SHIT don't even start with those fucking adorable motherfucking paws I fucking love, LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BITTY PAWS.

    10. When you catch them doing something, and they're all ashamed about it.

    11. When you catch them licking their buttholes and they seem angry that you're not respecting their privacy.

    12. When they have legit conversations with you. Because they understand their mommies and daddies and just want to tell us how much they love us.

    13. When you're packing for a trip, and they know something's up.

    14. When they literally do the littlest thing ever — like swallow or smack their lips — and keep repeating it.

    15. When they look so sad and it's so cute. What's wrong, little girl? Huh? What do you want? Treat? Love?

    16. Or when they are happy and smiling!

    17. When they get up with you in the morning and stretch just like you do! It's like mommy and me yoga.

    18. And then there's your kitty's adorable stinky breath, which you love so much.

    19. When they sit like ladies it's the best thing ever.

    20. When they get into little hidden nooks and crannies and they know they're not supposed to be there.

    21. And of course, the best best bestest moment is when you're cuddling and they give you that big ole purr.

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